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2. Rouse Interest
Rouse the hiring manager's Interest in the second paragraph of your letter by explaining what
makes you uniquely qualified for the position. For example:
 "I have five years of experience working as an Executive Secretary at a local
 "I have recently graduated from a local community college with a certificate in Office
3. Create Desire
State how you are qualified for the position by mentioning three or four of your major
accomplishments. For example:
 "I know how to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations using the latest
Microsoft Office software"
 "I have excellent people skil ls and am able to communicate clearly and get along well
with my coworkers, colleagues, supervisors and clients.
 I can manage calendars, book travel, and schedule facilities and equipment.
 I have served as a lead for managing a number of small projects.
4. Action
Don't be afraid to ask the hiring manager for a job interview. Close your letter with one of the
following examples:
 I would love to interview for your Administrative Assistant position. You can reach
me anytime at 408-555-1212.
 "I would like to interview for your Receptionist position. I hope you won't mind if I
call in a few days to see that you received my resume and to schedule an interview."


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