Interpret The Remainder - Math Worksheet With Answers


Interpret the Remainder
Solve each problem. Write A, B, C, D, or E to indicate how you interpreted the remainder.
A Use only the whole number.
B Round up to the next whole number.
C Use a mixed number.
D Use a decimal.
E Use only the remainder.
A group of 347 people have signed up for a bus trip to a baseball game. Each bus holds
a maximum of 42 passengers. How many buses will be needed to take all the people to
the game?
Andre and his sisters picked 105 pounds of grapes for their family’s farm stand. They put
the same amount of grapes into each of 30 bags. How many pounds of grapes were in
each bag?
Paula charges an hourly rate for babysitting. Last month she worked 12 hours babysitting
and earned $81. What does Paula earn per hour?
Mr. Parker owns The Glass Store. He received a shipment of 144 glass animals. He put
an equal number of glass animals on each of 11 display shelves. How many glass
animals were on each shelf?
Create Your Own Which letter did you
use in your answer? Make up a word
problem of your own that uses this interpretation of the remainder.


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