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NOTE TO ALL USERS: This form is used to collect industrial
1.d. DUNS Number. This is a nine-character code assigned
capability information. All in-house Government sources of
by Dun & Bradstreet Financial Services that identifies
information are to be searched for applicable data which is
corporate entities.
then entered on the form by Government personnel prior to
presenting the form to contractors. Contractors may then be
e. Internet Address. This is the World Wide Web site
requested to verify the Government data and to provide any
address for this particular entity, if available.
missing or more current data for the form. Contractors are
encouraged to provide requested information in the format
f. Status of Ownership. Mark (X) the appropriate block.
most efficient to their internal reporting practices and
products, including the use of electronic data transfer to the
(1) For Government Owned Government Operated facilities,
maximum extent available. To minimize the burden on
industry, Government representatives are instructed to tailor
mark GOGO. For Government Owned Contractor Operated,
this questionnaire by striking through those data elements not
mark GOCO.
specifically needed in this solicitation.
Participation by contractors is voluntary. The signatures
(2) "Publicly Traded" indicates this entity's stock is traded on
attest that the information contained herein is provided for the
the public stock exchange. Mark "Privately Held" if not a stock
sole purpose of gauging the adequacy of the U.S. industrial
held company. "Foreign" is defined as a facility located in a
base to meet defense requirements in accordance with
country other than the U.S. or Canada, or a facility located in
applicable laws and regulations. Further, the signatures
the U.S. or Canada which is wholly or partially owned by
indicate an awareness of the Government's dependence
foreign nationals. If so marked, please indicate the percentage
upon accurate data as a basis for appropriate and cost
of foreign ownership.
effective measures to assure sufficient and timely support to
U.S. warfighters. The signatures hereon in no way bind the
named firm(s) to the Government in any legal contractual
(3) Please identify with the appropriate mark if this entity is a
relationship, nor is the Government obligated to contract with
Large or Small business unit.
the named firm if procurement of the items specified herein is
required. It is understood that access to this data will be
2. Manufacturing Site Point of Contact. Enter the name of
limited to duly accredited officials of the Department of
the primary point of contact for this site, their job title, and
Defense who are subject to penalties for unlawful disclosure.
telephone and facsimile numbers, including area code.
The protection given to data relating to your facility under the
Indicate Defense Switched Network by using the acronym
espionage act and other statutes will confine accessibility
"DSN". The point of contact should provide a signature and
within the Government to those responsible for the defense of
date when submitting requested information. If available, the
the United States.
point of contact should provide their electronic mail address to
facilitate communications and exchange of information with the
requesting Government representative.
This section identifies the industrial base entity, location,
3. Parent Company or Government Headquarters. This is
size, parent, and ownership status.
identifying information for the manufacturing site's parent
company and/or next higher organizational entity. If
1.a. Company Site Name or U.S. Government
Government Owned, this block should cite the component's
Department Facility. This is respondent's legal name and
identity and command: i.e., U.S. Army Tank and Automotive
includes qualifiers such as, division, subsidiary, or next higher
Command; U.S. Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command; U.S. Air
organizational entity. This block of data pertains to the
Force, Air Force Materiel Command, etc. Use the instructions
location about which information is being collected. Do not
include information about off-site locations with capabilities
provided for Item 1.
irrelevant to defense requirements.
4. Requesting Government Representative. Enter the
b. Address. Street address includes post office box
name of the requesting Government representative, their job
number, if used, as well as, physical street address, city, state
title, and telephone and facsimile numbers, including area
or province, and zip code. Nine digit zip codes are preferred
code. Indicate Defense Switched Network by using the
for U.S. entities, and 10 character zip codes for Canadian
acronym "DSN". The representative should provide a
signature and date when submitting a request for information. If
available, the representative should provide their electronic
c. CAGE Code. This is the acronym for Commercial and
mail address to facilitate communications and exchange of
Government Entity. It is a five character, alphanumeric
designator and identifies contractors doing business with the
information with the manufacturing site point of contact.
Government, located in the U.S., Canada, NATO member
nations, and other foreign nations. If a contractor or facility
5. Remarks. This block may be used by the site point of
has multiple CAGE Codes, contact the requesting
contact or Government representative to provide clarifying
government representative, identified in Block 4, for
statements or guidance for using the submitted information.
DD FORM 2737, SEP 2007
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