Sample College Level Appeal Letter


Sample college level appeal letter
University Contact information
Dear Sir or Madam:
First paragraph: Briefly explain the issue and what you want (1-2 sentences)
[I am writing this letter to request to appeal student’s dismissal from the masters in
science program. See Exhibit 1. (attach letter/email received from institution)]
Second paragraph: Provide a brief roadmap that outlines your reason for the appeal. (1-2
[The following are examples of grounds for an appeal:
The reason that I am appealing is because:
 The university failed to provide disability related accommodations resulting in
 The university failed to follow its own procedures before making a decision to dismiss
 I was not provided with a copy of the universities procedures and did not know that
Next paragraphs: Provide a brief explanation and support documents.
On [Date], I was notified that I had been accepted to the Master in Science Program for
the Spring 2018 term. The acceptance required me to complete twelve units, at a GPA of 3.0 or
higher. See Exhibit 2.
On [Date], I met with the Institution Disability Office and requested accommodations,
including one on one aid, note taker, time and a half exam time, etc. See Exhibit 3.
On [Date], I provided the appropriate paperwork to the institution in order to received
ADA-based accommodations due to my disability. See Exhibit 4.


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