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Request for Funds for Missions Trip
Dear [Name of Recipient],
As a church community, we are excited to announce that we are preparing to send a group of
youth on a challenging ministry opportunity to India. This fourteen day trip will be spent at the
“His Little Ones” orphanage. The team will provide additional support to our on-site
missionaries there.
In addition to presenting the gospel and ministering to the children and adults at the orphanage,
our young people will have a unique opportunity to learn more about the culture and customs of
people in India.
We are reaching out to our membership and the community to offer you the chance to be a vital
part of this mission and to partner with us in this endeavor. First, we ask for your prayers for the
safety and success of the volunteer group and the mission. Next, we ask for you to pray for our
financial needs to be met. We need to raise $10,000 over the next six months to make this dream
a reality.
Our young people have been hard at work soliciting donations from friends, family and
community members as well as holding special fundraising events such as car washes, bake sales
and community dinners. These bold young entrepreneurs have raised $4,500, so we can begin to
make their travel and housing arrangements.
Is there any reason why you couldn’t’ use the enclosed envelope to send us a donation? Any
amount that you feel led to contribute will be gratefully accepted. We do realize that in
challenging financial times like these, not everyone will be able to make a cash donation. If you
are unable to donate financially, we are also in need of some volunteers to help pull the entire
project together. Would you prayerfully consider assisting in that way? Be assured that your
prayers, volunteer services, and good wishes are as valuable to us as your financial support!


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