Letter Of Agreement Between Performer And Venue


This agreement is between [PERFORMER] and [VENUE]. On [DATE] [PERFORMER]
will perform at [VENUE] from [BLOCK OF TIME]
Admission will be $_____. [PERFORMER] will be paid $______ for presentation. The
presentation fee will be paid upon completion of the performance unless prior
arrangements have been made.
Payment should be made out to [PERFORMER].
The [VENUE] will advertise by putting out flyers, and through email and/or online
calendars as is appropriate.
will advertise by listing performance on calendars, websites, Press
Releases etc.
[PERFORMER] will be allowed to sell CDs, T-shirts and other items related to the program
at the [VENUE].
List anything you need the venue to provide. Items might include bottled water, digital projector, electrical
outlets, music stands, podium, basically anything that you can’t provide yourself. Remember, libraries can’t
usually provide much, but it ALWAYS helps to ask in advance. Asking when you show up and not in
advance is a recipe for disaster.
[PERFORMER] will ensure performance barring injury, illness, death and acts of God.
[VENUE] will provide performance space barring all of the above. [VENUE] will be liable
for payment if [PERFORMER] is not informed of schedule changes within 5 business days
of the performance. [PERFORMER] will notify [VENUE] of any and all changes as soon as
information is available. [PERFORMER] will do their best to notify [VENUE] of any
cancellation with at least 48 hours notice if possible. If [PERFORMER] is unable to perform
for reasons cause by or relating to themselves [VENUE] will NOT be required to pay for
the performance.
[PERFORMER] will arrive 1 to 1.5 hours before the performance to prepare the
performance space.
By signing below both parties are in agreement. Any and all disputes will be handled by
professional mediation if necessary.


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