Sample Letter Of Agreement Between The Rector And The Church


This Letter of Agreement is between the Wardens and Vestry of ____________________
Church [hereafter, “the Church”] and The Reverend ________________________, who has
been elected Rector with the understanding that his/her tenure will begin __________ and will
continue until dissolved (1) by mutual consent or (2) by arbitration and decision as provided by
the relevant policies and procedures and Canons of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota (legally
known as the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota) and the Episcopal Church.
Scope of Responsibilities
Time of Work and Leave
Work Week:
The Rector’s ministry includes not only activities directed to the parish and its well-being, but
also in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota and the community. The Rector shall participate in
the Fresh Start program, a two-year, monthly gathering of clergy who are newly called as a
rector, vicar or priest in charge to a faith community. In addition, the Rector shall, on an
ongoing basis, participate in the councils of the Church, including Episcopal Church in
Minnesota activities such as Clergy Conferences, Convention, etc. The Rector is strongly
encouraged to participate in a clergy support group or spiritual direction monthly.
The Rector’s weekly leave shall comply with Episcopal Church in Minnesota policy. It is
normal for the Rector to preserve at least one continuous 24-hour period each week solely for
personal use. In order to maintain the standard of a learned professional, one day per week
shall be set aside for the Rector’s study, reading, and educational pursuits, in addition to the
personal weekly leave.
Periods of Leave at Full Pay:
National holidays, to be taken so as not to interfere with worship for major feasts.
All federal legal holidays. When those days conflict with major feast days, alternate
days off shall be selected.
Annual vacation: 1 month, which shall include at least four Sundays and not more than
five; vacation time may be used over several shorter periods that together do not exceed
1 month. The Rector must notify the Vestry 2 months prior to intended leave time.
Continuing education leave: 2 weeks each year. The Rector must notify the Vestry
2 months prior to the intended leave time.
Sabbatical: 4 months at full pay following completion of each 6 years of service in the
Church. This is exclusive of annual vacation.
Sick, personal, and bereavement leave: as necessary, in consultation with the Wardens;
accumulates at the rate of 1 day per month of service, to a maximum of 60 days.
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