Sample Offer Letter For Internship Providers


Sample Offer Letter for Internship Providers
The offer letter issued by the internship provider must be typed and printed on that
organization’s letterhead. It must also be signed by an authorized representative of the
organization, such as a Human Resources officer.
<Today’s date>
Dear <Student’s name>,
<Sofia student ID number>
<Student’s address>
This letter confirms that you have been offered a position of <internship title> with
<name of internship provider>.
Your position will begin on <quarter start date> and end on <quarter end date>.
During this period, you will report to <name and title of supervisor> at <internship
site address>. This is a <paid/unpaid> position for which you will receive <rate of
<In a few lines, provide a brief description of the internship provider’s organization>
As a(n) <internship title>, you will perform the following duties for <hours per week>:
<List specific duties here>
This opportunity is offered in conjunction with your graduate program at Sofia
University in the field of <student’s degree program>. Through this opportunity, you
<List specific goals and objectives here, including the knowledge and skills the
student will gain through this opportunity that relate to the degree program>
<Name of internship provider> affirms that this position and duties to be performed are
supplemental to our current staffing and will not replace or replicate an existing or
vacant position. If you have any questions, please contact me at <phone/email>.
<Authorized representative’s name and title>


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