Travel Expense Policy - Alberta Association Of The Deaf Requisition For Preapproved Travel Expenses


Alberta Association of the Deaf
Travel Expense
Alberta Association of the Deaf (“AAD”) may reimburse or cover part or all of person’s or persons’ approved
travel and related expenses incurred while conducting AAD business. Such expenses may include travel,
meals, accommodation, business-related entertainment and related activities.
Persons seeking anticipated reimbursement are expected to submit Alberta Association of the Deaf
Requisition for Pre-approved Travel Expenses forms. They are expected to use good judgment and integrity
in making such requisitions.
The AAD Executive may approve, reject or make changes in such requisitions received from the applicants.
The Executive may make changes, if any, on the requisition forms.
Any Executive Committee or Board
member who has submitted such requisition abstains from such decision-making process when it is being
Approved, rejected or “need-to-revised” requisition will be signed by AAD President or Treasurer after the
Executive or Board decision.
Any need to interpret or clarify any part of the policy should be referred to AAD Executive Committee for
consultation and advice. Any need to review or revise the policy should be referred to AAD Executive
Committee who may ask the AAD Board to review, make and approve any necessary changes.
Documentation of Expenses
Written requisitions (See Appendix A) for pre-approved travel expenses must first be submitted to AAD
President or Treasurer who then refers them to the Executive Committee or Board for deliberation and
decision. See Appendix A for the pre-approved form.
After the requisition (See Appendix A) has been approved, original and valid receipts for all expenses must be
provided with the Alberta Association of the Deaf Travel Expense Claim form (Appendix B) wherever possible.
“No Receipt” reported on an Expense Claim Form is subject to review for its reasonableness and approval as
part of the overall review for reasonableness.
All expenses must be itemized on the claim form. The claim form must include purposes for the expenses and
be supported by original invoices, credit card charge records, receipts or other documentary evidence
indicating proof of payment including, in Canada, the GST registration number that must be clearly identifiable.
Claim forms (See Appendix B) must include:
The approved purpose for the expense
Relevant information attachments
The names and addresses of business contacts/destinations
Original invoices, credit card charge records, and receipts that clearly show the names and
addresses of the business contacts/destinations, the dates and amount of charges, and separate
identifications of goods and services, provincial, state, municipal and local taxes.


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