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Request for Help From the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate - Instructions to Form DOF-911
Page 2
your information
with Personal Income Tax or Sales Tax, con-
tact the New York State Office of the Taxpayer
Rights Advocate.
e-mail address
We may contact you by e-mail if we are not
tax periods
able to reach you by telephone. We won’t use
Enter the quarterly, annual or other tax peri-
your e-mail address to discuss the specifics of
od(s) that relates to this request.
your case.
describe the tax problem
social security number
you are having
Enter your taxpayer identification number on
Enter any detailed information about your tax
the form. If you are an individual, please put
problem that you are having. If you have writ-
in your social security number. If you are not
ten to or talked to a Department of Finance
an individual (e.g., a partnership, corporation,
employee, please list his or her name and the
or self- employed), please list your EIN.
contact information you have for that person
someone helping you
(such as a telephone number or e-mail
address.) If you have any case number or
other information about your case, also
rent freeze taxpayer (scrie/drie)
include that.
If you are a tenant requesting help with
SCRIE/DRIE (Rent Freeze)
and you have
chosen a tenant representative, please enter
privacy notification - The Federal Privacy Act of 1974, as
the name of that person and his or her contact
amended, requires agencies requesting Social Security
Numbers to inform individuals from whom they seek this infor-
mation as to whether compliance with the request is voluntary
or mandatory, why the request is being made and how the
business contact person
information will be used. The disclosure of Social Security
If a business entity is filing this form, enter the
Numbers for applicants and income-earning occupants is
name of the person to contact about the
mandatory and is required by section 11-102.1 of the
Administrative Code of the City of New York. Such numbers
request. This may be a corporate officer sign-
disclosed on any reports or returns are requested for tax
ing the request or another person authorized
administration purposes and will be used to facilitate the pro-
to discuss the matter.
cessing of reports and to establish and maintain a uniform
system for identifying taxpayers who are or may be subject to
power of attorney
taxes administered and collected by the Department of
Finance. Such numbers may also be disclosed as part of
If you are inquiring about a tax problem OTHER
information contained in the taxpayer’s return to another
THAN Rent Freeze and you have chosen a
department, person, agency or entity as may be required by
representative to act on your behalf, you must
law, or if the applicant or income-earning occupants gives
complete a Power of Attorney Form POA-1.
written authorization to the Department of Finance.
about your nyc tax problem
tax type
Enter the type of tax that you are having a
problem with: Property, Business or Other.
Please note that if you are having a problem


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