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Instructions & Checklist for
Delayed Order Apology Letter
This package contains (1) Instructions & Checklist for Delayed Order
Apology Letter; and (2) Delayed Order Apology Letter;
This form is designed to assist you in drafting a letter from a business
apologizing to a customer for a delayed order.
Be sure to sign the letter and to make a copy before sending it out.
Bracketed instructions may be included on this form to assist you in
completing it and should be removed before printing. Generally in
Microsoft Word, you can click on the bracketed instruction and start
Since it is impossible to create sample letters that suit every particular
situation, we tried to make these samples more universal. Feel free to
change wording and to add or delete text to tailor it to your particular
These forms are not intended and are not a substitute for legal advice.
These forms should only be a starting point for you and should not be
used without consulting with an attorney first. An attorney should be
consulted before negotiating any document with another party.
The purchase and use of these forms, is subject to the Disclaimers and
Terms of Use found at .


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