Lesson Plan Idea Format


Lesson Plan Idea Format
15 Points
Grade Level & Subject Area: Second Grade Social Studies
Arkansas Framework: (_____/2 points)
G.1.2.6 Locate the seven continents using a map or globe
Objective (What are the students’ going to accomplish): (_____/1 point)
 Students will learn the seven continents
 Students will learn were they are located by looking at a map and/or globe
 Students will learn about some things that are in each continent, what people
may look like, animals, etc.
Materials: (_____/1 point)
Digital Story
Coloring sheet of seven continents
Construction paper
Poster board
Procedure: (_____/5 points)
1. Students will watch a digital story about the seven continents. They will see
where each is located on a map and will also see some people and different
things that may be found in each continent.
2. Class will have a discussion over the digital story and what they liked the most
3. Students will then go to the art activity center and will be allowed, in small
groups, to observe the classroom globe to again see where the continents are.
4. Students will then color a sheet of the seven continents, coloring each continent
a different color.
5. Students will then place their continents in the correct order on construction
paper using scissors and glue
6. Students will then review as a class where each continent goes and will bring
their artwork home to review for test at the end of the week.
Assessment (How will the students’ show you that the objective has been met):
(_____/1 point)
1. Students will begin being assessed by question and answer responses in the
classroom. Students will be allowed to ask questions and get help from the
teacher, if needed.


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