Lesson Plan Format For Differentiated Instruction


Lesson Plan Format for Differentiated Instruction:
Subject/Unit or Topic ___________________________
Goals of Subject/Unit or Topic_____________________
Organization for Differentiated Instruction:
Day One: Whole Group: Introduce Subject/Unit/Topic________________________
Assessment of Students’ Knowledge______________________________
Note: Assessment can be informal or formal: Examples may include: KWL
Chart, Pre-Test by either formal or informal; such as end of unit test; teacher
made test, oral responses recorded, etc.
Day Two: 1. Decide on the strategy of differentiated instruction that best fits the lesson.
Introduce the strategy that you will utilize for differentiated instructions for
those students that have mastered the information and plan for direct
instruction for those that have not mastered the information.
2. Explain to students what your expectations are and set criteria for behavior
management for differentiated instruction while you are working with a
small group or one-on-one.
Day Three: Continue with Differentiated Instruction
Day Four: Continue with Differentiated Instruction
Day Five: Whole Group to assess where you are and bring to closure.
Courtesy North Topsail Elementary School, Hampstead, N.C.


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