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____________________________________________FINANCIAL DONATIONS AND NAMING POLICY
Attachment A
The Lois Hole Library Legacy Program "Grow Your Library" Procedures and Guidelines
1. Once an individual has indicated he or she wishes to make a memorial donation to this
program, the Head Librarian will work in conjunction with the donor to select an item for the
library's collection.
2. The item must be ordered as a "donation" through the Shortgrass Library System and the
Brooks Public Library will then be invoiced for the purchased item.
3. When the item is received at Shortgrass, it will be catalogued and processed then flagged.
Once it arrives at BPL, an appropriate Lois Hole Library Legacy Program bookplate will be
placed on the inside front cover of the item. There are three book plates to choose from.
These are: "Donated by", "In Honour of' and "Donated by in honour of'.
4. If appropriate, a Lois Hole Library Legacy Program gift notification card will be sent out to
the individual or family in whose honour the item has been donated.
5. A Lois Hole Library Legacy Program Thank You card will also be sent out to the donor and, if
requested, to other family members.
Approved by:______________________
Board Chair
Date Approved: April 12, 2013
Replaces Policy: 2-A-96


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