Sample Agreement Template


The agreement, executed this Date by and between (Mentor Company Name) , (Complete Address) ,
(Mentor Company Official and Title) and (Protégé Company Name) , (Complete Address) , (Protégé
Company Official and Title) .
Mentor and Protégé desire to form this Mentor/Protégé agreement (hereafter referred to as
"agreement") under the guidance of Minnesota Unified Certification Program (hereafter referred to as
MN/UCP) and 49 CFR Part 26. The purpose of this agreement is to build a strong business relationship
and to promote a successful business development opportunity for Protégé, and to more fully develop:
This agreement is formed for the (project/construction contract). Protégé desires to expand business to
This agreement will expire on (date). If the standards of this agreement are not being met, MUCP
reserves the right to terminate the agreement prior to (date), and discontinue counting any participation
towards the (project/construction contract) DBE project goals.
Each firm will maintain its independence during the duration of the (project/construction contract) . This
agreement does not preclude either firm from continuing to pursue prime/sub contract opportunities on
other projects, so long as Protégé insures that this project will be a priority for its growth and
development. Protégé and Mentor are financially responsible for costs incurred when submitting bids or
purchasing materials.
Protégé has the opportunity to learn from an established firm with ____ years of experience and expertise
in the highway heavy. Mentor will offer direct training in project supervision, providing at least one
supervisor to work directly with Protégé on the (project/construction contract) project. Protégé has
identified company Official name) as the key field supervisor for the firm. (Name) Protégé’s
president, will also be provided with training.


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