Cepi5214 Writing And Reviewing Medical Papers Elective


Writing and reviewing medical papers
Credit points: 4
Semester: 1 and 2
Delivery mode: online only
PUBH 5018
Introductory Biostatistics
PUBH 5010
Epidemiology Methods and Uses
Unit coordinator: Angela Webster
To teach students the principles of research integrity in writing for medical journals, to
guide them to resources to improve their conference abstract and manuscript writing
and submission, provide tools to avoid common pitfalls, and to teach students skills
to act as a peer-reviewer
Learning objectives
1. Describe the principles of research integrity
2. Outline strategies for writing research papers using appropriate reporting
3. Outline strategies for writing an abstract and creating a poster for a medical
4. Edit and improve abstracts, main text, figures and plots to submission
standard for a peer-reviewed medical journal
5. Describe the process of submitting research papers for publication
6. Edit and improve a manuscript and write a cover letter to submission
standard for a peer-reviewed medical journal
7. Describe the assessment procedure for submitted manuscripts
8. Describe the processes involved in peer-reviewing
9. Write a response to peer reviewer comments to submission standard for a
peer-reviewed medical journal
10. Develop the skills to act as a reviewer for a medical journal paper.
11. Write a review for a manuscript
Module 1: Research Integrity
• Fabrication, falsification, plagiarism
• Guidelines for research conduct
• Strategies and resources to help you deal with research issues
Module 2:
Medical style
• Plain English
• Style guides
• Uniform requirements for manuscripts (URM)
• Equator network
Reporting guidelines by study design
Module 3:
Abstracts and posters for conferences
• Guidelines for abstract writing
Structure and practical tips for writing and abstract
Module 4:
Constructing a paper
• Choosing a journal
School of Public Health, University of Sydney
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