Cepi5214 Writing And Reviewing Medical Papers Elective Page 2


• Typical format of introduction, methods, results, discussion
Common pitfalls
Module 5:
Tables, figures and plots
• Ideal format and common pitfalls
Available software to help improve tables figures and plots
Module 6:
• Bibliography format
• Choosing Keywords
• Checklists for authors
• Cover letters
• Nominating reviewers
Additional supporting documents and online-only
Responding to reviewers comments
Module 7:
• Practical tips on responding to reviewers
• Writing a response letter
Module 8:
Reviewing a paper
• Reviewers guidelines and resources
• Format of a good review
Making a recommendation
Instructional format
8 x on-line modules that students work through at their own pace during the semester
In this unit, you will be assessed in the following ways:
1. On-line participation– 30 %
There are quizzes for each module that are ‘required formative assessment’. The
quizzes consist of short answer and multiple choice formats
2. Assignment– 70 %
The assignment requires students to demonstrate their search writing and
reviewing skills
Learning materials
No Required texts – readings available online.
School of Public Health, University of Sydney
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