Swot Analysis Template


SWOSU College of Pharmacy
2012 Strategic Planning Initiative
SWOT Analysis and Goal Setting
As part of the strategic planning process, all stakeholders are asked to identify areas which you
perceive are strengths and weaknesses of the College of Pharmacy. In addition, stakeholders are
also asked to help identify potential opportunities and threats that may impact us positively or
negatively. This process, known as a SWOT analysis, will help lay the framework for identification
of areas that need attention as we develop our strategic plan. The template below will provide
space to include your thoughts concerning these various areas. After the template, you will also
find a few questions regarding long-range goals and planning. Your responses will help us to focus
on items for our strategic plan. Please “think big” as we want to continue to grow and develop the
programs and services that the College of Pharmacy provides.
We appreciate your participation in the strategic planning process and look forward to getting your
Please select your status as a College of Pharmacy stakeholder:
____ administration
____ faculty
____ student
____ alumnus
____ preceptor
_____ staff
______ other (please specify:
SWOT Analysis Template
A few examples are provided under each of the categories below. Feel free to disregard
them by marking them out if you do not feel they apply to the SWOSU COP.
Teaching intensive, small class size with a focus on
Lack of technology infrastructure.
Lack of research infrastructure.
Long-term affiliations with key medical centers,
hospitals, and healthcare groups.


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