Resume Rubric Template


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Resume Rubric
Adapted from University of Richmond Career Services: July 2015
Student name: ______________________________________________________________
This rubric is a guide to identifying the fundamental elements of a resume.*
1. Proofread letter for errors and complete the self-review checklist.
2. Have a peer, faculty member or professional review your resume – include position description for their review.
*Please refer to the
“Resume and Cover
Letters” section of the Career Center website for more information:
Additionally, the Career Center library has numerous resume books and resources, including sample resumes.
Name, address, phone, professional email, LinkedIn URL (optional)
Name of university and location
Example: University of Portland, Portland, OR
Official name of your degree, which can be abbreviated
Example: Bachelor of Business Administration, B.B.A., Bachelor of Arts, B.A., or Bachelor of Science, B.S.
Includes major, minor and/or concentration spelled out
Example: Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Minor in Spanish
B.S., Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor: Computer Science
Expected date of graduation with month and year
Example: Expected May 2018; Expected December 2015
Study abroad experience (if applicable); includes name of institution/program and dates
Example: IES, Grenada, Spain
Summer 2014
University of Portland Salzburg Program, Salzburg, Austria
Fall 2014
GPA is listed to two decimal points and reflects cumulative GPA, unless noted (optional)
Example: GPA: 3.75; Cumulative GPA: 3.60; Major GPA: 4.00
Experience includes job title/role, organization name, location (city, state) and dates employed/involved
Examples: Intern, Nike, Beaverton, OR
Summer 2013
Spring 2014 – Present
American Red Cross, Portland, OR
Dates of prior experiences are accurate and in reverse chronological order (most recent to least recent) within
each section
Bullet points start with action verbs (not “responsible for” or “duties included”); includes specific examples to
emphasize transferrable skills and knowledge, and describes key accomplishments and contributions
Example: Initiated and facilitated weekly after-school group for 8 behaviorally challenged youth in grades 9-12
Verb tenses are consistent – present tense is used to describe current roles/positions and past tense is used to
describe previous roles/positions
Salary history is omitted; can be included in a cover letter if requested
Personal information, such as gender identity, birth date, age, race, marital status, in NOT included
Personal pronouns, such as “I,” “me,” “my,” “we,” and “our” are NOT used
All the words used are familiar to people; industry-specific terms should be recognizable to those within the field,
industry and/or company
All words are spelled correctly – do NOT rely on spell check
Orrico Hall, lower level ∙ 503.943.7201 ∙ Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM ∙


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