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Office of Student Records
Transcript Request Form
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Gratz College Transcripts
The Office of Student Records maintains the transcripts of students previously or currently enrolled in Gratz
College. A transcript is the continuous, formal, and official record of your work at a university. If you have transfer
credits from another College or University, you are required to request that the Office of the Student Records
include all courses you have previously completed. The transcript lists all courses you take, grades, major and
minor, and degree awarded. An unofficial and incomplete version of the formal transcript, sometimes used by
advisors, is called a worksheet.
Ordering a Transcript
For your protection, we will not release an official transcript without your signature. Transcripts may be
ordered by mail, by fax, or in person. Transcripts will be sent within 10 business days after all grades are
submitted. Please note the College DOES NOT accept e-mail or phone requests for transcripts.
Situations that will prevent us from issuing a transcript
Financial holds or outstanding obligations to the Office of Business.
No signature on your request.
Insufficient, inaccurate, or illegible identification information.
Insufficient payment, an expired or declined major credit card account, omission of credit card security
code, improperly completed check, payment using non-U.S. currency.
No request will be honored written on a piece of paper that is not a Gratz College transcript request form.
Hold Transcript for Grades or Degrees
Transcripts may be held for the current semester’s grades or the next degree date. However, if you are expecting
a grade change, do not order your transcript until you are sure the grade has been changed. The Registrar will not
hold transcripts for maintenance or grade changes.
When ordering by mail, fax, or in person, you must complete an official transcript request form which
should include the following information in your request: No request will be honored submitted on a
piece of paper that is not a transcript request form.
Full Name
Any Previous name (as it appears on your student record)
Complete Social Security Number
Home Address
Phone Number (where you can be contacted if we encounter any problems processing your order)
Email Address (if available)
Class enrollment (Cont. Ed, MA ED, RTC, BRA, MA JED, MA JCS, Other) including dates attended and
Degree(s) received.
Indication if transcript is to be sent now or when class grades are received (if applicable, list class and
Type and number of transcripts requested (unofficial or official)
Address(es) where transcripts should be sent
Credit Card number, security code, name, and expiration date, if applicable.
Signature to release transcript
Please Note: UNOFFICIAL or STUDENT COPY transcripts are for your personal use. OFFICIAL transcripts are
for the use of an unrelated third party and bear the Registrar’s signature and the College seal. If an OFFICIAL
transcript is mailed to your personal address, it will be stamped with “OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT” on the front of
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