Letter To Employee Confirming Resignation


Letter to Employee Confirming Resignation
[insert Employee]
Confirming your Resignation
Dear ________________:
This letter is to confirm that the company received verbal notice from your manager __________
(insert name) on _____________ (date) that you verbally resigned your position at the company.
During your conversation with him/her you stated that the reason you resigned was
________________________________ (insert reason).
We have accepted your resignation. Based on the Employee Handbook, we appreciate your
notice and have decided to make your final day of work on __________________. [or insert
applicable facts, such as – we appreciate the notice you have provided and will work quickly to
transition your work duties to other members of the department. We anticipate that your last day
worked will be _____________.]
Your final check will be provided on the next regularly scheduled payday, or consistent with
state law if you are working outside of Florida. You have earned/accrued ___ PTO hours and
according to company policy these days will/will not be paid to you. With respect to insurance
benefits, they will cease according to company policy and you will receive a separate notification
regarding your rights to continue and/or convert the various benefits under COBRA, or
applicable state law. On your last day, please bring all the company property and equipment
issued to you, so that you are not charged for the value of these items. Please complete any
outstanding expense reports on later than _______________, with all necessary receipts. If you
have any questions, please let us know.
Thank you for your service at the company and we wish you the best in your future position.
[company official]


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