Resume Form (Indicating Interest In Serving On A Court Committee Or Board)

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Resume form
on a court committee or board
indicating interest in serving
Date: ______________________________ County: _____________________________
(County of practice for lawyers, County of residence for non-lawyers)
Name: __________________________ Company/Employer: ______________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________ fax: ________________ e-mail: ___________________
Please provide the following information or attach a current resume.
Professional memberships:
Volunteer experience:
Other interests:
Please select any four committees or boards you are interested in serving on, and rank
them in order of your preference (1 being most preferred):
_____ Access to Justice Commission
_____ Special Investigators
_____ Board of Administrative Oversight
_____ Board of Bar Examiners
_____ District Committee
_____ Judicial Commission
_____ Preliminary Review Committee
_____ State Bar Board of Governors
_____ Special Preliminary Review Panel
Would you accept appointments on another committee for which there was a need?
What strengths would you bring to a board or committee should you be appointed?
Return to: Office of the Clerk of Courts, P.O. Box 1688, Madison, WI 53701-1688
or e-mail to


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