Project Closing Checklist


Farm Service Agency
Project Closing Checklist
Project Name:
Project Manager:
Conducting a Lessons Learned Exercise
Identify the exercise participants.
Schedule a lessons learned exercise.
Ensure the facilitator and project manager have had a pre-meeting to plan for the session.
Ensure the facilitator has reviewed the previously gathered material, including lessons learned
Receive input from the key project areas.
Document input as received in the session using the Project Lessons Learned Report,
AMC-PMO-309, and provide to the project manager.
Establish an archive location, such as a lessons learned database or library.
Financial Closure
Notify vendors and staff of financial closing date.
Ensure all acceptance criteria have been met prior to final payments to contractors.
Resolve all invoices and financial obligations.
Transfer or dispose of all assets.
Notify organization’s contracts office.
Final Project Closure
Ensure the project sponsor has signed the Final Project Acceptance form, AMC-PMO-202.
Project Archive
Store and archive the hard copy documents according to organizational standards.
Ensure the archive contains a file describing the documents it contains.
Ensure the maintenance team has access to all the documents that could help them maintain the
project’s deliverables.
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