Project Planning Checklist


Project planning checklist
Need for the infrastructure
Have you considered the number of current users?
Have you considered how many new users the new/improved/replacement infrastructure
is likely to attract?
Is there a clear gap in the services for the current and future needs of the users?
What additional programs will the infrastructure be able to provide?
How will the project support your local community?
You will need to provide a timetable of existing programs/user groups and a proposed timetable
should the infrastructure be developed/improved/.
Community consultation
Have you consulted with the members of your club or the community?
Have you investigated new user groups?
Have you considered the community surrounding the existing infrastructure (i.e.
residents, local schools)?
Have you consulted with the Council? A template form is available for you to provide to
your council seeking their commitment for your project.
Have you sought advice from the department’s regional Sport and Recreation Services
You will need to provide evidence of your consultation.
The project
Land tenure: Do you have a lease or right to occupy the land and have you sought the
land owner’s permission to build at the site?
A copy of the lease and/or right to occupy
The owner’s permission to build


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