Sample Welcome Letter Or Email


Sample Welcome Letter or Email
Dear ____:
Welcome to the ______ chapter of IIE. We’re happy to have you as a
member, and look forward to meeting you soon.
In addition to the benefits you receive as a member on the national level,
there are several local activities in which you may be interested. Our events
include plant tours, lectures, professional development courses, Engineer
Week activities, and social gatherings each year. Attached is a copy of our
latest newsletter with details.
Our next gathering is _______. I hope to see you there.
PS: If you have any questions regarding our local IIE activities, please don’t
hesitate calling me at ____ or drop me an email at _____.
Sample Phone Script to Welcome New Graduates to Your Chapter
A phone script must be conversational to work. The script below provides
structure to guide you through the process, and give you an idea of what this
kind of call sounds like.
Good morning/afternoon/evening: May I speak to John Doe?
John, this is Frank Smith, from your local IIE chapter. I just called to
welcome you to the ____ chapter, and see how things are going. Do you
have a few minutes?
Are you new to this area? How do you like it? Are you finding everything
you need?
You work at XYZ firm, I see. What do they have you working on there?
Some of our other members work there, too. Have you met_____ yet?
If there is any way I can help you, with work, or with finding things in the
area, just let me know. I can be reached at _______, email:
I’m also sending you a notice about our next event. It’s a _______ at
You can also check our local web page at ________ for details of what we’re


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