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NOW THEREFORE it is mutually agreed by and between said parties, as follows:
1. The Agency shall accept social work students of the University for field experiences.
2. The Agency will make opportunities available for social work students to observe and
practice social work in the client service areas and other areas of the various departments
of the Agency.
3. The Agency agrees that social work students may be identified or titled as either a
“Social Work Student” or a “Social Work Intern”.
4. The University shall plan field experience hours, days, and places of assignment of
students in cooperation with the designated Field Instructor at the Agency.
5. It is the intent of all parties to comply with the applicable requirements regarding
confidentiality of clients. Students are required to follow any and all agency policies
regarding confidentiality of clients. Although cases may be processed within the
confines of the field experience class held at the University, no identifying information
may be released regarding any client. Additionally, the University shall advise students
of the importance of complying with all relevant state and federal confidentiality laws
including HIPAA.
6. The students are subject to training/hiring requirements of the Agency and will attend any
such training if required as a course of orientation to the Agency. In addition, students
are subject to such procedures as drug testing, background checks, TB test, etc., if it is
requirement of the Agency as part of their hiring process.
7. Students will not receive monetary compensation for their practicum or internship with
the Agency.
8. The University will provide proof of malpractice insurance (i.e., a 1,000,000/3,000,000
policy) for each student prior to any student entering any field experience placement via
the Social Work Field Education Coordinator as well as maintaining that insurance
throughout the entirety of the student’s field experience.
9. The University agrees that, within and to the limits of its comprehensive liability
insurance coverage and to the extent allowed by Texas law, it will indemnify and hold
harmless the Agency and its agents and employees from any and all liabilities, damage,
expense, cause of action, suits, claims, or judgments arising from injury to person or
personal property or otherwise which arises out of act, failure to act, or negligence of the
University, its agents and employees in connection with or arising out of the activity
which is the subject of this Agreement.
10. To the extent allowed by the law without establishing a sinking fund Agency will
indemnify and hold harmless the University, its agents and employees from any and all
liabilities, damage, expense, cause of action, suits, claims, or judgments arising from


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