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injury to person or personal property or otherwise which arises out of act, failure to act,
or negligence of the Agency, its agents and employees in connection with or arising out
of the activity which is the subject of this Agreement.
11. If at any time any insurance required hereunder of either party be cancelled or not
renewed, each party will be notified immediately. Cancellation of insurance shall be
grounds for immediate termination of Agreement notwithstanding any other provision
herein. Alternatively, this agreement may be suspended by either party until insurance is
otherwise restored.
12. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as to waive either party’s sovereign
immunity or any other immunity afforded to it under the law.
13. Venue by agreement of the parties for suits against the Agency shall be in a court of
competent jurisdiction in Nueces County, Texas and venue for suits against the
University shall be in a court of competent jurisdiction in Kleberg County, Texas.
14. Each student prior to their Field Experience with Agency will be required to sign a
Waiver of Liability and Volunteer Acknowledgement in the forms attached hereto as
Exhibit A.
15. Agency may refuse a particular student or terminate a particular student’s Field
Experience with Agency at any time without prior notice should the student not pass
requirements as set out in paragraph 6 supra or not comply with Student’s
Responsibilities as set out infra as determined in Agency’s sole discretion.
1. Agency Responsibilities Include:
a. The agency must value the professional social work student as evidenced by
active participation in the student’s learning contract and field experiences.
b. Provide the student with an initial orientation to the agency at the beginning of the
field placement.
c. Arrange for the Field Instructor to have regular supervision time with the student,
at least one hour per week.
d. Allow adequate time for a minimum of three visits by the Social Work Field
Education Coordinator during the semester.
e. The agency must allow time for the Field Instructor to attend Field Instructor
meetings and trainings which are directly related to the assurance of ongoing
quality of the field education experience, and to ensure consistency with the
Social Work Program mission, goals, and program competencies.
f. Both the Agency and the Field Instructor must be committed to making a fair and
accurate assessment and evaluation of the student’s progress and achievements as
related to the learning contract and the development of professional competencies
and practice behaviors.


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