Letter Of Resignation Template


[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, St Zip]
[Optional – Email Address]
[Today’s Date]
[Name of Recipient]
[City, St Zip]
Dear [Name of Recipient]:
[Begin your letter with a brief introduction containing positive statements.]
[State that you are leaving your position and the date you will be leaving.]
[Provide additional positive statements about your time with the company and any explanation
you care to give. Note: Avoid any kind of negative or personal attacks in your letter because it is
standard practice for resignation letters to end up in personnel files.]
[Closing - Offer to help with the transition. Thank the individual or company for the
opportunities and success you have had.]
Sincerely (or Respectfully Yours),
(Sign here for letters sent by mail or fax)
[Typed Name]
[Title – if applicable]


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