Sample Business Acquisition Letter Of Interest


Nicholas Blach-Petersen
Citigroup Global Markets Limited
Power & Utilities Investment Banking
October 6, 2015
Letter of interest
Dear Mr Blach-Petersen,
Greenpeace hereby wish to express our interest to acquire the German lignite
business that Vattenfall is planning to divest, as outlined in the document
“Vattenfall AB: Sale of Vattenfall’s German lignite and hydro activities”.
Please send us further information on the process for the potential acquisition of the
Seller’s lignite and hydro activities. Naturally, we will respect the need for
confidentiality and non-disclosure as appropriate.
Yours Sincerely,
Patrik Eriksson
Annika Jacobson
Greenpeace Nordic
Greenpeace Sweden
Njalsgade 21G, 2.sal
Stora Robertsgatan 20-22 A
PB 6803, St Olavspl 1
Rosenlundsgatan 29B, Box 151
2300 København S
00171 Helsinki
0130 Oslo
104 65 Stockholm
Tlf 33 93 53 44
Puh 09-698 63 17
tlf 22 20 83 79
Tel 08-702 70 70


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