Resort Cum Rural Tourism Project


Report on Resort cum Rural Tourism Project
Resort cum Rural Tourism Project
The demand for travel and tourism in India is expected to grow by 8.2 per cent
between 2010 and 2015, placing India at the third position in the world. It is
estimated that 5% of total tourist arrival figures to rural India and there has been an
8 to 10 % increase in arrivals on an average to Rural Tourism sites after the launch
of the rural tourism scheme. Based on the market potential, successful launch of
Explore Rural India and Incredible India Campaigns by the Central Government and
unique nature of the Rural Tourism Product, ITCOT has come out with the following
publication for the benefit of prospective investors:
‘Report on Resort cum Rural
Tourism Project’ (Price – Rs. 9000/-).
The Proposal of the Rural Tourism Project discussed in this Report would also include
resort, food court and general tourism packages. The Justification for clubbing the
rural tourism project with resort, food court and general tourism is given as below:
A very definite common interest of most of the tourists is to experience village life at
a standard suitable for families. Indians demand more comfort in lodging and are
less prone to roughing it out. Hence the proposal would also include resort and food
court. In the first few years, it will be tough for the rural tourism projects to stand on
their own without money being pumped in from outside (govt. funding and other
sources). Hence the proposal is to club the general tourism packages with the rural
tourism packages. Any existing private tour operator can also weave it in general
tourism itineraries so that rural tourism becomes an important part of the tourism
packages. As a consolidated project, the proposal would be much more technically
feasible and financially viable than a standalone rural tourism project run by any
private tour operator and not funded by government.
The Profitability of the Proposal significantly increases as there are four revenue
streams given below:
Revenue from General Tourism packages
Revenue from Rural Tourism packages
Revenue from Resort
Revenue from Food Court


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