Persuasive Letter Writing


Persuasive Letter Writing
Student __________________________________________ Class: ________________
Date: ____________________
Standard: ELA 5W2 Demonstrates competency on persuasive writing, elements a-h
Assignment: Write a letter to your principal stating your position on the practice of
requiring school uniforms.
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Performance Indicators and Documented Evidence
Did you pre-write/brainstorm arguments? (Use a Thinking Map/Graphic
Did you include at least three arguments in your draft?
Did you support your arguments with facts/expert opinions? State:
Organizing Structure
Did you use a “grabber” beginning?
Describe the technique: (Ex. - Question, addressed the reader directly,
describe a scene, etc.)______________________________________
Did you state your position?
Did you address reader concerns? (include pros and cons of the argument)
Did you provide a sense of closure? Describe the technique:
Did you use your “voice” in writing? (Ex. - Personalized speech, humor,
Did you lift the level of the language? (revise word choices)
Did you engage the logic/emotion of the audience?
Letter Format/Conventions
Did you date the letter in the proper format?
Do you have a salutation?
Is the body of the letter in paragraphs?
Did you use a signature?
Scale: 14-12 = A
Total Points:
11- 9 = B
8 – 7= C
6 or less= Do Over
Student Comments:
Teacher Comments:
Student Signature ________________________________________
Teacher Signature________________________________________
Parent Signature_________________________________________


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