Petition For Relief Under The Post Conviction Remedies Act Page 10


Any decision issued by an appellate court from the direct appeal.
Any previously-filed petition for post-conviction relief, and any decision
issued as a result.
Affidavits, records, or other documentary evidence that support your claim.
An affidavit of impecuniosity and certificate from Inmate Accounting Office,
if you are requesting a waiver of the filing fee.
Memorandum of Points and Authorities.
V. Petitioner’s Verification Under Oath
I, the undersigned petitioner, declare under penalty of perjury that the information I have
provided in this petition is true and correct.
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Typed or Printed Name
I certify that __________________________, who is known to me or who presented satisfactory
identification, has, while in my presence and while under oath or affirmation, voluntarily signed this
document and declared that it is true.
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Typed or printed name (Court Clerk or Notary Public)
Notary Seal
VI. Certification of Attorney (If the petitioner is represented by an attorney)
I certify that I am the attorney for the petitioner, and that this petition complies with Rule
11, Utah Rules of Civil Procedure.
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Petition for Relief Under the Post-Conviction
2009 / Reformatted 11/2015
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Remedies Act


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