Business Proposa Outline Template


Clifford J. Hurgin Municipal Center, 1 School Street, Bethel, Connecticut 06801
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Business Proposal Outline
Submit a written proposal describing your business on a separate sheet of paper for health
department review and further permitting. Your ability to provide us with enough information
that accurately describes your project will help expedite the review process.
1. Provide the address location: Include the name/address of the property owner.
Include the legal name of the business,(LLC, Inc.) business owner’s name and
address. Business owner or owner’s agent must sign/date the proposal.
2. Provide the name/address of the contractor for any construction/renovations
3. Describe the business. Provide details of operations. Include a description of any
construction/renovation that will be done and the total square footage of the business.
4. Provide a sketch/plans of the proposed floor plan. Label rooms/use of space.
5. Confirm water service to the property: private well or public water supply
6. Confirm sewage disposal of the property: private septic system or public sewer
7. Provide a written garbage/refuse storage management plan. Show location and
details of the garbage/refuse storage area and/or enclosure.
8. Provide a current, original, signed private well water analysis report, if applicable
9. Number of employees FT/PT, days/times of operation
10. Provide a cleaning and disinfection plan for public areas. List cleaning products and
provide product information sheets. This is applicable for businesses such as fitness
centers, yoga studios, martial arts centers, dance studios, etc. Examples are available
at Bethel Health Department.
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