Business Introduction Letter Template


November 2011
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to introduce our company World Choice Education and establish a
relationship with you and your college.
World Choice Education is a UK based limited company which has recruited the best
experienced agents and is run by two experienced directors who have established
themselves in the UK education market working with many top universities and language
All of our staff have come from either working independently as agents or worked for other
agencies in the UK or elsewhere in the world and now work under the umbrella of World
Choice Education only.
The core of our business is to introduce international students to the UK and other
worldwide destinations which include, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and China
to study at a University or a Language School.
We currently work in the following countries, and have staff who divide their time between
these countries and our UK office.
Middle East
South America
This will be expanding as our staff expand, but its gives you an idea of where students will
come from to your institution.
This means we can provide face-to-face support for students, language schools and
University representatives in the UK, and also support students in their home countries.
The Bournemouth office is led by a native British business development manager who has
worked with language schools in Bournemouth, and universities across the UK for many
years. Coming from a recruitment background, they provide the relationship building skills
needed to maintain high standards when working with students, representatives and
businesses, and a wealth of experience in managing applications for language schools and
Universities from A-level through to PhD levels.


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