Five Awesome Hanukkah Crafts For Kids And Preschoolers


Happy Hanukkah! We all love that wonderful time of the year when we all get to come together with our families, meet long-time-no-see friends, light menorahs, make tasty latkes, decorate our homes with festive decorations and tell each other stories about the origins of Hannukah.

As much as we enjoy holidays - it IS a great way of escaping everyday coil and getting the hard-earned rest - it's the kids who enjoy the celebrations the most. Most children are adorably excited for holidays and always ready for a miracle.

Nevertheless, your kids may get bored or restless while the grown-ups are busy with the cooking and holiday planning. The best way to combine holiday prep with entertainment is to involve your kids in the party planning and let them make some of the Hanukkah decorations themselves. Hanukkah-themed DIYs are guaranteed to delight your kids, brighten up the home and teach your children about the true spirit of Hanukkah.

What better way to teach your kids about Hanukkah than by making crafts?

Star of David Stained Glass DIY

Teach your kids more about the story of Hanukkah by making this beautiful star of David stained glass project. You will need a template, children-safe scissors, a little bit of imagination and a lot of patience. A Star of David will definitely make your home even more cheerful.



Paper Dreidel Craft Project

Make a dreidel with your kids at home instead of buying a ready-made one at the stores. Construction paper and modeling clay work best. Clay dries quickly and can be easily decorated with markers or paint. Paper templates are pre-measured and make for an easy but impressive craft project.

Be sure to teach them the Dreidel Song while you work on your project. You can display your finished pieces in a clear glass jar or decorative bowl.



Happy Hanukkah Banner

A Hanukkah-themed paper garland will be a wonderful addition to your Holiday decorations! Print out the pre-made banner, change the colors and customize however you want. Decorate with construction paper, glitter or markers. Your kids will love seeing their creation on your fireplace mantel or as a photo prop!



Hanukkah-themed Coloring Page

This coloring page can help your preschooler to master many precision finger and hand movements through drawing. This project is great for keeping the children busy and letting them get acquainted with the cultural background of the celebration.



Festive Page Border

Inspire your children's creativity with this Hanukkah-themed template. The page can be used for a writing project, a card, a menu template or for drawing, you name it!