Top Seven Free Hanukkah Cards And Festive Gift Tags


The winter season is truly the most wonderful time of the year. For some people it's all about Christmas with the fairy lights, sleigh bells jingling and cookies for Santa. For others, it's Diwali - a celebration full of lights, prosperity and joy. Hundreds of families around the world gather to light the menorah, remember their ancestors' historic struggle and exchange gifts on Hanukkah - the most joyous and festive of Jewish holidays.

We are here to make your celebration even better! Send warm wishes to friends and family with a ready-to-print and easy-to-make festive cards. Invite guests to join you for Hanukkah festivities with a handsome invitation. Just choose a design, sign your card watch the recipient's eyes light up!

1. Blue Forest Hanukkah Card


This bright and contemporary Hanukkah greeting card will definitely become a favorite among your nearest and dearest. There really is no place like home!

2. Happy Hanukkah Card with 80's-themed Dreidels


How about this festive card with some bright dreidels and those sweet 80's memories? Combine with Hanukkah-themed paper wrapping for your presents and decorate with punched paper stars to complete the project. 

3. Hanukkah Dreidel Card


A more traditional card is a reminder that we can appreciate our ancestry and homeland even surrounded by snow storms and Target stores.

4. Wintery Snowflakes Card


This card is snowy and neutral. You could give it to your non-Jewish friends or a non-religious relative and still create a warm bond of festivity this holiday season.

5. Hanukkah Balloons Card


Another clever Hanukkah card featuring a colorful menorah on a background of bright dreidels and festive balloons.

6. Bright Orange Trees Gift Tag


Step up your present-wrapping game with a wintery gift tag jam-packed with bright summer colours. And those Christmas trees make it appropriate to give to your Christian friends.

7. Festive Balloons Gift Tag


Here's a sweeter blue-and-yellow gift tag. These are great to tie around a bottle of wine or attach to a special baked treat. Menorahs and balloons rock the party!