Da Form 5513

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What is DA Form 5513?

DA Form 5513 or the Key Control Register and Inventory is a form used to meet the Army requirements of a key control register. The key and lock custodian is obligated to maintain a key control register at all times and is held accountable for all keys, locks and lock combinations used to secure unit facilities and AA&E (Arms, Ammunition, & Explosives). The latest fillable version of the form is available for download below.

How to Fill Out DA Form 5513

The key control register form includes the following:

  • printed names and signatures of the individuals receiving keys;
  • the date and hour of each transaction;
  • serials number and any other identifying information of each key;
  • the printed name and signature of the individual responsible for issuing the key;
  • the printed name and signature of the individual receiving the returned key;
  • the date and hour the key was returned.

Keys are issued to the list of authorized personnel determined by the unit access roster.

Completed key control register forms must be kept for no less than 90 days for administrative registers and for a minimum of a year for AA&E registers. After the aforementioned period of time, these registers are eliminated as per established Army procedures.

DA Form 5513 Instructions

When not in use, the active DA Form 5513 is kept in a locked controlled-access container that does not contain any classified material. Keys to locks securing key containers must be provided with the same physical protection as that provided to the key container itself.

Keys for locks that protect offices, units or activities must be checked at the end of each daily shift. All keys still on hand at the end of the shift should be listed in the form. High-priority keys for locks associated with AA&E should be turned in as soon as they are not in use.

No keys can be in the custody of a person not listed on the unit access roster.

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