Template Letter Of Complaint


Template Letter of Complaint - Services
(of sending the letter day/month/year)
Name of owner/manager of business/shop
Full address of owner/shop/business
(insert owner/manager’s name or Sir/Madam)
(insert date of purchase)
I bought
(description of the service, include any details
which will make the service identifiable to the
company). I attach a copy of my
receipt for your information.
(see ‘notes to consumer’ document)
I am writing to you because
(outline the problem, for example:)
 The service was not carried out with the necessary skill
 The service was not carried out with proper care and attention
 The materials used were not of acceptable quality
(insert date)
I rang and spoke to
(insert name of person you spoke to)
outcome here, for example ‘I have heard nothing further since’ or ‘I am not satisfied
with the response I
According to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s website
, if a consumer has a contract with a service supplier the
consumer can expect that:
The service is provided with proper care and attention
The supplier has the appropriate skills to do the job
Any materials used in the work are sound and fit for their purpose
Any goods supplied as part of the service should be of acceptable quality


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