Sample Letter Of Request For Donations


Sample Letter of Request for Donations
(to be typed on your organization’s letterhead)
___(hosting organization’s and coordinator’s name)___
To: Local Businesses and other Organizations in our District
Re: Request for Donations in getting an Award Winning Author to visit our community
Award-Winning Author, Sandy Lynne Holman, is visiting
our community. We need your support!
We are very excited to announce that we are in the process of inviting Sandy Lynne Holman, the
nationally renowned author of “Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad?”, to visit our community.
Sandy is a dynamic speaker who has the special gift of connecting with people of all backgrounds,
especially youth. We would like to have Sandy work with our organization so that our youth can
benefit from all she has to offer. Sandy focuses on teaching young people to respect their elders,
individuals that come from different backgrounds, and to learn about the world through literature.
Her work has been featured in the School Library Journal, Writer's Digest, The Los Angeles Times,
and The Today Show. She has an excellent reputation for making the day an exciting experience for
We are asking for your help in bringing Sandy to our community by making a small financial or
material donation. Your organization can make contributions towards her speaker's fee, hotel room,
transportation, and meals. In addition, or alternatively, you can make contributions toward the
purchase of some of her books for our youth.
We are inviting the media to participate in our visit with Sandy. Organizations that make
contributions towards Sandy's visit will have an opportunity for acknowledgment and positive
exposure in the media. We will also send a note home to parents acknowledging any donations we
have received.
If you would like to support our special day with Sandy, please call (Name and Phone # of Event
Coordinator) or you may also contact the publisher, The Culture C.O.-O.P., directly, at
1-877-COLORS-7 and ask for Mark Miller. Sandy will also be autographing children's books and
she can make a personalized comment on behalf of the donating organization, if desired.
Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any additional questions please contact
(Name and Phone # of Event Coordinator).
(Name of Hosting Organization)
Author Visit Form#6 July 2013


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