Sample Letter Of Apology For Students Who "Late Cancelled" Or "No-Showed" A Campus Interview


Sample Letter of Apology for Students Who “Late Cancelled” or “No-Showed” a Campus Interview
Your Return Address
Your City, State, Zip
Today’s Date
Mr./Ms./Dr. [Name of Recruiter With Whom You Did Not Interview ]
Mailing Address
City, State, Zip
Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. [Name of Recruiter]:
[Apologize for canceling your interview on short notice or for not showing up for your interview. Out of
respect for the recruiter’s lost time, mention your regret and standards of professionalism.]
[Give the reason why you no-showed or late cancelled. Apologize for not being able to meet with him/her.
Reiterate your interest in the position and organization, if that still exists. If your reason for missing the
interview was for extraordinary reasons, you could request that the recruiter consider rescheduling your
interview, but realize that this is unlikely.]
[Your Signature Here]
[Your Name Typed]


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