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November 23, 2015
Dear Hiring Manager,
With over 10 years of experience combining strengths in client services, human resources, account management, and
sales, with proven success developing deep customer and employee relationships, I am confident that I can bring tangible
value to the [JOB TITLE] position with [COMPANY NAME].
For the past 12 months I have been a manager and sales leader in charge of 15 field associates for The Gap in Hartford,
Connecticut, responsible for guiding all areas of business operations, sales strategy, and employee training alongside the
general manager. My role is a hybrid of responsibility for both group sales performance and internal employee relations,
and includes everything from hiring new associates, to ensuring exceptional client experiences by upholding customer
service and sales best practices.
My career reflects a long history of sales success in the retail sector, complimented by a number of leadership roles
encompassing elements of management and human resources, all of which have provided me with a diverse and valuable
portfolio of skill sets covering multiple business areas. Prior to joining Ann Taylor, I was a client relations liaison for
EdR Collegiate Housing in Storrs, Connecticut, supporting sales and resident relationships for a rapidly growing housing
development and residential partnership between the EdR and the University of Connecticut.
At this level of my career, I am targeting a role that leverages my experience as a customer-centric account manager, a
sales leader, and an employee relations specialist capable of hiring, developing, and guiding top performing teams. I am
currently in the process of completing my SHRM certification, expected in early 2016.
In evaluating the requirements of the position, I’m confident that I can bring to the table:
•! A unique cross-section of skill sets combining expertise in human resources management, sales leadership and
strategy, client relations, and relationship building.
•! Ability to cultivate a strong working culture that emphasizes exceptional customer service, while championing
individual development and performance.
•! Strong experience hiring, training, and motivating diverse groups under a shared set of goals and vision.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and the requirements of the role in more depth, and I look forward
to your response. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Dana Leavy-Detrick


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