Cover Letter Template


RA Cover Letter Template
[Important: Italicized information is intended to be instructions OR what you should write
about. You should not actually type using italics.]
Last Name, First Name
[do NOT use headers]
December 9, 2016 [all submissions should use this date]
RA Selection Committee [all submissions should use this address]
Residential Life, Unit 4238
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4238
Dear Committee Members, [all submissions should use this greeting line]
I am interested in applying for the Resident Assistant position at the University of Connecticut.
[Tell us why you are applying.]
[This paragraph should highlight at least 2 skills and 1 experience from your resume which you
feel relate to the job requirements and duties. The 6 items, below, are the RA hiring
competencies from the position description]:
1. Leadership and/or involvement experience.
2. An understanding of the needs of, and interest in working with, resident students.
3. An understanding of, sensitivity to, and willingness to live and work with a diverse student
4. A desire to serve as a resource and provide assistance to students.
5. Experience working one-on-one and with groups.
6. A desire and ability to work as part of a highly functioning team.]
[This paragraph should close or conclude your cover letter, once again stating why you feel you
should be considered for an interview, and ultimately, to be hired as an RA. Do not include any
contact information or other information which would identify you.]
[Do not include a signature area.]
When saving your document on your device, be sure to save it as LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME-RACoverLetter.
Your cover letter should upload to the application system as LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME-RACoverLetter.


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