Sample Admissions Appeal Letter For Parents Applying For Year 7 In September


Sample Admissions Appeal letter for Parents applying for Year 7 in September
Parents’ Home address
Date: _____ March 2015
Mr Howard P. Glyn
Admissions Committee
Hasmonean High School
Holders Hill Road
London NW4 1NA
Dear Mr Glyn,
Re: Transfer to Secondary School, September 2015 – (Full Name of Pupil)
I/We am/are writing to appeal against the recent decision of Barnet Council [or other Local
Authority] not to offer my/our son/daughter (name of pupil) a place at Hasmonean High
School and instead to offer him/her a place at (name of school offered).
As you know, we are an orthodox Jewish family practising Judaism fully in accordance with
the Ethos of the School and therefore feel that Hasmonean High School is the only
appropriate state school in the area for (name of pupil). We have made no alternative
arrangements for his/her education and clearly do not consider (name of school offered) an
alternative or appropriate school for our son/daughter.
We hope that you will reconsider the decision and be able to offer (name of pupil) a place to
study at Hasmonean in September, otherwise we will have to resort to the formal Appeals
Yours sincerely,
(signed by parents)


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