Sample Identification/choice Letter To Parents Template


Sample: letter sent to parents of All students who attend Title I schools identified for
Phases 2-6 of improvement.
<City, State, Zip>
Dear <Parent>:
Your child is a student at <ABC School>. You know that your child is important to us and that we
want to provide every opportunity for success.
Each school in Michigan is required to assess students every year on the <Michigan Educational
Assessment Program (MEAP) tests/Michigan Merit Exam (MME)>. The results of these tests, as well
as participation on the tests <or graduation rate> are used to determine whether our school is
making adequate yearly progress (AYP).
This year, <ABC School> is identified for improvement because <list reasons (be specific, e.g., only
20% of the students were proficient in reading)>. In order to address this problem, <explain what
the school is doing to address the problem and how the district and MDE are helping>. You can
assist our efforts by <explain how parents can be involved in addressing the academic issues that
caused the school to be identified>.
Since the school is identified for improvement, the district must offer you the opportunity to
transfer your child to <specify other school(s) in this district or another neighboring school>. If the
district receives more applications than can be accommodated, priority will be given to the lowest-
achieving children from low-income families. You will be notified by mail of your child’s transfer
To help you decide, we have provided test information from the schools that made AYP along with
<ABC School’s> information so you can compare them. Based on this information, you may choose
a school using the enclosed <school transfer from>. Transportation to this school will be provided.
You must complete this form by <date-at least 30 days> and return it to <name and number> for
If you decide not to transfer your child and your child is eligible for free or reduced price meals, free
tutoring may be available to your child. You will receive a separate letter about free tutoring.
To discuss this decision further, please call <name and number> and <he/she/they> will be happy
to help you.
District official
Enclosures: School Comparison Data, <School Transfer Request form>
Adequate Yearly Progress Technical Assistance/Reporting Packet PhASE 2: Continuing Improvement Page 8/11


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