Scope Of Work Tutorial And Form


Scope of Work Tutorial
RTSF selects projects based on a number of factors including:
Volunteer-friendliness of the homeowner/facility representative, and of the work needed
Level of need
Potential to make a major impact in a limited timeframe with limited resources
Our ability to match those resources to the needs of the homeowner or facility
Similarly, teams and Project Leads are matched to projects based on many factors including:
Team size
The Scope of Work:
A “scope of work” describes the work to be performed on a project. It states goals, outlines tasks
to be completed toward realization of those goals, indicates methods that will be used to achieve
those results, and assigns a cost to each, which helps tremendously with budgeting.
Your Project One-Sheet (section 1) outlines a preliminary scope of work that is intended to serve
as a guideline for a successful Build Day project based on what we know about the team, the
project, and the unique timeframe and resource constraints inherent to a Build Day project.
However this scope of work is not set in stone, hence the Preliminary status. The Project Lead is
expected to conduct a site visit to assess the project and develop his or her own proposed scope
of work, which is then submitted to RTSF for approval. We require approval because RTSF is
ultimately responsible for delivering what’s promised to our clients with the funding and
resources available.
How to Use our Forms:
We have two scope-of-work formats available for your use, and you need only submit one or
the other, depending on your preference.
The basic Scope of Work Form is intended for those who are familiar with the scope-of-work
process; because you work in the building trades, you’ve been a RTSF Project Lead before, or
you’re a home-owning weekend warrior, feel free to use the “Scope of Work Form.”
The Scope of Work Planning Worksheet is for those of you new to the process and/or those
desiring more structure in your planning process; use this document and refer to the sample
provided in this section as a guide.
Regardless of which form you use, don’t hesitate to call, email, or stop by for support on
completing this information!


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