Scope Of Work Sow


Complete this SOW outline and return it to the DBM Contract Manager along with your MBE
Project Review (PR) document. The DBM Contract Manager will use this information in
completing your TORFP. For any questions, please contact the DBM Contract Manager.
Instructions and Information
1. Your Agency is:
2. For purposes of completing the TORFP, your contact person is:
3. There is a Pre-TOP (pre-proposal) conference approximately 2 weeks after the
release of the TORFP to the Master Contractors. The DBM Contract Manager will
need to know the location and Room Number to include in the release of the TORFP.
In addition, you will provide directions to the Pre-TOP location. Shortly before
release, you will confirm and provide this information to the DBM Contract Manager
so it is included in the TORFP.
Regarding the Pre-TOP conference date and time: For traffic and other conditions, it
is usually best held 10:00 AM to Noon, but this is flexible.
Also provide a contact person (for direction questions only) for the Pre-TOP
Conference that will be included into the SOW.
Fill in: Date and Time
Location and Room Number
Contact Person for location/room
4. Complete the information and/or tasks indicated:
a. Complete a MBE Project Review (PR) document and submit it with your draft
SOW. This form is on the Department of Budget & Management website


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