How To Use A Peak Flow Meter Instruction Sheet


How to Use a Peak Flow Meter
Your health care provider may prescribe a peak flow meter to monitor your breathing.
A peak flow meter is a simple device that measures air flow. It can be used as a tool
to assess the severity of your asthma, to check your response to treatment or to monitor
lung function when your asthma symptoms flare up.
The following are steps that you should follow to properly use a peak flow meter:
1. Move the marker on the peak flow meter to the bottom of the scale so that it
reads zero or is at base level.
2. Hold the peak flow meter so that you do not block holes or interfere with the
movement of the marker.
3. Stand up straight.
4. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs all the way.
5. Hold your breath while you place the device in your mouth, and close your
lips around the mouthpiece. Do not put your tongue inside the hole.
7. Write down the
number you
6. Blow out as
hard and as fast
as you can for
8. Repeat steps one
one to two
to six for a total of
seconds. You
three times. Record
want to move the
the highest of the
marker as far as
three numbers –
you can.
this is your peak
flow number.


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