Instructions On How To Request A Certificate Of Release Of Federal Tax Lien


Instructions on How to Request a
Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien
Section 6325(a) of the Internal Revenue Code directs
Your request must contain the following
us to release a Federal Tax Lien after a tax liability
becomes fully paid or legally unenforceable. We also
must release a lien when we accept a bond for
1. The date of your request,
payment of the tax.
2. The name and address of the taxpayer,
3. One copy of each Notice of Federal Tax
If we haven’t released the lien within 30 days, you
Lien you want released, and
can ask for a Certificate of Release of Federal Tax
4. Why you want us to release the lien.
If you’ve paid the tax, enclose a copy of either of the
Requesting a Copy of the Certificate
If you have paid the tax you owed and have not
1. An Internal Revenue receipt,
received a copy of the Certificate of Release of
2. A canceled check, or
Federal Tax Lien, you may call 1-800-913-6050.
3. Any other acceptable proof.
If you prefer to write, see page 2 for the address to
which your request should be mailed or faxed.
Please include a telephone number with the best time
for us to call you should we need additional
The certificate you receive will not show the official
recording information. For a copy of the recorded
certificate, you must contact the recording office
We may need to research your account to confirm you
where the Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien
no longer have a liability. We will provide a release
was filed.
once we have done so.
Other Requests
If you have an immediate or urgent need for a
Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien, visit or
Requests for certificates of release for any other
telephone your local IRS office. Be prepared to show
reason should be mailed to IRS, Attn: Technical
proof of payment.
Services Advisory Group Manager. Use Publication
4235, Technical Services Advisory Group Addresses,
You can pay any unpaid tax with a certified check,
to determine where to mail your request.
cashier’s check, or postal or bank money order to
receive the certificate of release.
Send your written request with any required
documents to the appropriate address.
Department of the Treasury
Publication 1450 (Rev. 12-2005)
Internal Revenue Service
Internal Revenue Service
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