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Sample Weekly Newsletter
Dear Parents,
Assessment Evening - Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for the
Assessment evening on Wednesday. We shared information about the revised
curriculum and assessment. We explained during the meeting that we were still waiting
for final guidance about profile and assessment sheets. Miss Brammah, Mr Mortimer
and Mrs Maguire attended a training course yesterday hoping for new information to
support this, but no firm decisions have yet been made by the Government regarding
the Foundation Stage Assessment Profile data and how it should be collated. When we
have more information we will share it with you. In the meantime, we know the Early
Learning Goals the children are working towards and are assessing against those
statements and all the small steps leading up to them.
As parents, you are also part of your child’s learning journey. This revised curriculum
reminds us again that we work
in partnership
with parents and share information both
ways about your child’s interests and observations we all make. Each child has their
own Learning Journal in school and we would like you to contribute to this to build a
picture of your child. The Learning Journal is where we put photos and significant
notes we have made about your child’s learning for each area of the curriculum. If you
do something special at the weekend eg walk in woods, visit grandparents, bake,
construct something really imaginative with Lego/Duplo etc) you may like to take
photos or write a small note and share that with us; we can then put this in the journal.
We will then make links with the Early Years Curriculum-for example
when baking you might tell us that this is something your child loves to do
and that they began measuring the ingredients, reading/recognising the
numbers when weighing ingredients or counting out spoonfuls of flour
(mathematical development).
Communication and Language – next week the children will be learning h, b, f,
ff, l, ll and ss. The two letters together make the one sound. Additionally, we
will teach the next two tricky words ‘no’ and ‘go’ and how to segment to spell. For
example if a child wants to spell ‘rag’, we will be encouraging them to hear the first
and subsequent sounds/phonemes and say them in the correct order, r-a-g. We have
been doing this for some time and the children are gaining confidence to have a go at
segmenting themselves.
Next week too, we will be assessing early writing. For some children this will
be having a go writing their name. For others, it could be them having a go
writing marks and telling us what those marks mean. Others may actually
write initial sounds to represent words eg m c i b (my cat is black). Please
remember that all children develop at different rates. Your child could be
any one
of these stages.
We want our children to ask questions and be inquisitive and this week we have been


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