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encouraging them to ask questions. The children asked some really good questions
through the week – Why do we need to brush our hair? How do you make a pencil case?
What makes a rainbow? Why do we need to eat breakfast? If your child asks any
questions at home, please do take the time to answer them and let us have the
questions for the learning journals - we can chat about them as a class!
Space, shape and measure this week we have covered, size and length. The children
have engaged really well with both the language and being able to order and compare
the different sized objects.
Next week, we will focus back on number-children making 10 (up to 20 for some
children) in different ways. For example making 10 using sets of 3, 3 and 4 cubes and
understanding that the total will always be 10; they will have neither added or
removed, any cubes. We will use the terms separate, group, set and total. For some
children this is quite a difficult concept and needs regular practise. It also gives them
lots of opportunities to count accurately. They will be able to use small dinosaurs, farm
animals, tiny dolls-their choice!
Changing reading books-if you would like your child’s reading book changed, please will
you leave the book and yellow reading record book in the tray in the classrooms?
Please note Please will you check white tee shirts and check that your child has the
right one? We have misplaced one white tee shirt after having got changed for PE on
Monday this week. Thank you
Parents Evening - Wednesday 7th Nov (early with crèche) and Thurs 8
Nov. The
sign sheets for a 10 minute slot will be up outside the classroom on Monday morning.
Please register your child at the office for the crèche if you need it. For parents who
do not come into school (bus, out of school club, child minders) please ring school to
make an appointment-thankyou.
Future date –Thursday 24
October - we are inviting you to come into our classrooms
and share the Learning Journal with your child. Please feel free to stay from when you
drop your child off until 9.30am. This will be a regular event-so if you cannot make this
date, there will be more and we will let you know via this newsletter. Please note that
at any time, you can take your child’s learning journal home for a short time.
Home activity - the children might like to make a number line. This can be 0-10 or 0-
20. They can use cut up paper to write the numbers on-wall paper is always great
because it can be as long as they need it to be! If they want to make it glittery and
shiny, brilliant. Children love it when their work is displayed and actually
. I am
hoping that we can use the number lines they produce-waiting in anticipation…..!
Only one more week to breaking up next Friday. The children are ready for the half
term break-they have learned so well through play and we are seeing great progress
after only half a term in school.
Enjoy the weekend everyone.
Liz Maguire, Mandie Sharpe and Cheryl Duck


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